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Chin Implant Beverly Hills, CA

Chin Implant in Beverly Hills by Dr. Patrick Davis

Enhance Your Face’s Harmony & Definition

A recessed or small chin can keep you from realizing your face’s fullest potential by detracting from the overall harmony and contours. A defined chin can accentuate your naturally beautiful features to bring out your most beautiful you.

Dr. Patrick Davis, plastic surgeon and face specialist, offers exquisitely enhanced facial harmony with chin implant surgery. Beverly Hills chin implant patients interested in bringing out their best features can trust that Dr. Davis will design their treatment based on every aspect of their individual needs to deliver the most authentic and attractive results. During your consultation with premier Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Davis, he will listen closely to your concerns and aesthetic goals to tailor a treatment unique to you.

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What is Chin Implant surgery?

Permanently Improve Your Profile

Chin implant surgery, also called a genioplasty or chin enhancement surgery, involves the placement of a prosthetic implant on the chin to improve its shape and projection. The implant is composed of synthetic materials specially designed to closely mimic the natural feel of your chin. Chin implant surgery is highly customizable, ensuring that you can achieve the precise shape and projection that best complements your other facial features and enhances the overall harmony of your look.

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What are the benefits of Chin Implant surgery?

Accentuate Your Natural Features

Because the chin is such a prominent feature, its enhancement offers wide-ranging benefits. Tailor your chin implant surgery to achieve:

  • A stronger looking chin
  • Adjustment to chin dimpling
  • Your ideal chin height and width
  • A more triangular (or V-shaped) jawline
  • Better proportions between the nose and chin
  • A reduction in the appearance of a double chin and jowls

Am I a good candidate for Chin Implant surgery?

Designing Your Best Self

If you feel that your chin is under-developed, detracts from the attractiveness of your other facial features, or you would simply like to make changes to its appearance, then chin implant surgery is likely an excellent option for you. You should not smoke and have no underlying medical conditions that may prevent you from undergoing surgery.

Your Chin Implant Procedure

What to Expect

Your chin implant surgery will be performed under local anesthesia with sedation.

During your procedure for a chin implant Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Davis, will place your incision in the crease underneath your chin or inside your mouth where your lower lip and gum meet so that, once healed, you will have no visible indications of having undergone surgery.

Through this incision, he will create a space for your implant and slide it in so that it rests over the bone. Once he has placed your implant, Dr. Davis will close your incision. Dr. Davis will apply a dressing that you will need to wear for two to three days, and you will be released to begin your recovery at home. You will need to arrange for someone close to you to drive you home after your procedure.

Chin Implant Recovery

After Surgery

You will experience some tenderness in the time following your procedure, so Dr. Davis will prescribe you pain medication to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. You will likely need to limit your diet to soft foods and liquids for a few days, as chewing may be difficult. You should avoid strenuous exercise for ten days after your surgery. You may experience a sensation of tightness in your skin during the first week due to the implant and swelling. You can expect all swelling from chin implant surgery to subside within six weeks, at which time you will be able to see your final results.

Chin Implant Results

Realize Your Aesthetic Goals

You will notice a change in the projection of your chin immediately after surgery, though the clearest picture of results will appear once you are fully healed. You will notice an immediate improvement in the shape and projection of your chin for a beautifully proportioned appearance. Your chin implant is considered permanent, so you will be able to enjoy your results indefinitely.

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Create Your Ideal Look With Dr. Davis, Face Specialist

Dr. Patrick Davis offers you an exceptional experience, prioritizing your needs and goals to help you achieve your aesthetic goals in a way that is true to you. If you are interested in discussing chin implant surgery in Beverly Hills with Dr. Davis, please contact us to schedule your consultation. Patrick Davis, MD, serves patients throughout the Los Angeles area.

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In most cases, chin implants last a lifetime. You will not have to worry about maintenance or replacement and will be free to simply enjoy your ideal look for the rest of your life.

You will have no noticeable scarring as a result of your procedure. Your results will look entirely natural, and no one will know that you’ve had surgery.

Chin implants are made of safe materials and designed to fit your specific needs.

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Every moment is an opportunity to grow, learn, and improve. Your new best emerges when you make the most of those opportunities. When it comes to Beverly Hills facial plastic surgery, Dr. Patrick Davis believes listening is better than selling. To him, the best plastic surgeons reveal themselves in the surgeries they prevent as well as the ones they perform. Before you choose to undergo plastic surgery, please reach out to Patrick Davis, MD, for a consultation, he truly wants to help you find your new best.

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