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Female Hair Restoration Beverly Hills, CA

Let Your Hair Down With Confidence

As many as 21 million women deal with hair loss every year. Thinning, bald spots, and less volume can be discouraging or devastating to some women who previously had full, thick heads of hair. Some may assume that hair restoration is only available for men or only works for men, but this is a total misconception. Hair restoration for women is not only possible but is just as viable and works just as well as it does for men. Love your hair in the mirror every morning again and see lush, thick locks.

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Hair Restoration for Women at Davis Facial Plastics

At Davis Facial Plastics, our goal is to consistently provide natural-looking results and exceptional patient care no matter what the procedure. Dr. Patrick Davis and his highly trained team provide Female Hair Restoration in Beverly Hills in a comfortable and luxurious environment.

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Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

There are many reasons for hair loss in women, and these issues can sometimes even be compounded. Hair loss can occur due to aging, genetics, severe stress, or hormonal changes, including postpartum hair loss, which can occur for up to a year after giving birth.

Female Hair Restoration Treatment Options

There are two key techniques that we use for female hair restoration in Beverly Hills at Davis Facial Plastics that both work effectively to restore hair volume and quality and address thinning spots.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is a minimally invasive type of hair transplant where hair follicles are transplanted one at a time using specialized and precise equipment that makes extremely tiny incisions. With this technique, there is no linear scarring, very little downtime, and results are typically permanent.

One of the revolutionary uses of the FUE method is for the FUE eyebrow transplant. This minimally invasive technique utilizes microtools, preserving surrounding tissue without scarring. FUE is virtually painless, leaves no visible marks or scars, and delivers rapid results, with new eyebrow hairs appearing immediately and final results within 4-6 months, thanks to ample blood supply. Continuous hair growth enhancement can be observed up to 12 months post-transplant, ensuring natural and enduring outcomes.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP offers the ability to revitalize your hair naturally, with no surgery and no chemical interventions. PRP hair restoration uses your own blood in a concentrated form to stimulate hair improvement through platelets, stem cells, and growth factors. This purified serum is applied to your scalp to penetrate hair follicles and promote hair regeneration.

Benefits of a Female Hair Restoration

Hair loss or thinning can be a significant drain on self-confidence for women. Hair restoration techniques can give you your hair back and give you your spark back. Our Beverly Hills female hair restoration patients enjoy:

  • Natural results with real hair growth
  • Thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair
  • Minimally invasive or non-surgical
  • Long-lasting to permanent
  • Safe and low-risk

Female Hair Restoration Candidates

Since these hair restoration methods are low-risk, minimally invasive, and do not require surgery, almost anyone who would like to rejuvenate their hair is a good candidate. These treatments can be used for hair loss related to hormones, stress, aging, or female pattern baldness.

Consultation and Preparation

At Davis Facial Plastics, we are committed to providing completely customized care specific to the needs of each patient. During your consultation for female hair restoration Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Davis, will determine which treatment may be best for you to combat hair loss. Once we decide which treatment is best, we will also go over preparation requirements, expectations for results, and any recovery considerations.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Recovery after hair restoration treatment will depend on the type of treatment. There are a few days of easy downtime after FUE, but virtually no downtime is needed after PRP. Results with FUE are immediate and permanent, whereas results from PRP will be gradual as the growth factors encourage the growth of new, thicker hair.

Why choose Davis Facial Plastics?

Davis Facial Plastics in Beverly Hills offers an unparalleled level of care along with personalized and refined aesthetic outcomes. Recognized in both VoyageLA and Shoutout LA, Dr. Davis has a highly sought-after balance of precision and artistic vision, ensuring that your procedure is safe and skillfully performed but also enhances your natural beauty.

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Yes, with a skilled practitioner, female hair restoration is very safe.

Different hair restoration treatments have varied results, and some last longer than others, but no solution is guaranteed to be permanent.

Definitely not! Male hair loss generally tends to be more noticeable, so restoration is often marketed to men, but the effectiveness and results are the same for women and men!

While some people have limited results with DIY treatments, many are ineffective, and some may even be dangerous.

The cost of female hair restoration depends on the specific method used and on each patient's unique treatment plan.

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