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Mid-Facelift Beverly Hills, CA

Mid-Facelift in Beverly Hills by Dr. Patrick Davis

Lift From Within

Aging doesn’t just affect the skin; it affects the underlying tissues, causing the cheeks to gradually lower on the face. As a result, the area beneath your eyes may begin to appear sunken or hollow, and laugh lines may slowly deepen.

A mid-facelift offers a minimally invasive solution to aging in the middle section of the face, effectively restoring the cheeks’ youthful position. Beverly Hills mid-facelift provider Dr. Patrick Davis can help you achieve an exquisite, naturally-rejuvenated appearance.

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What is a Mid-Facelift?

A Better Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

A mid-facelift is an endoscopic surgical procedure designed to lift structures within the middle face to their original, youthful positions. While a traditional facelift primarily addresses excess skin, the procedure pulls the skin horizontally, resulting in a “done” or “windswept” appearance (particularly when done by inexperienced hands).

A mid-facelift is also called a vertical facelift or cheek lift as it raises the cheek fat pad and eye muscle vertically rather than stretching tissues horizontally. By lifting the natural tissues of the mid-face to their original position, Dr. Davis uses his knowledge and skill to ensure your results appear natural. You will appear noticeably younger without any indication that you’ve had surgery.

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What are the benefits of a Mid-Facelift?

Minimally Invasive Treatment. Natural-Looking Results.

A mid-facelift allows for significant yet natural-looking facial rejuvenation with a short, minimally invasive surgical procedure. Because the procedure is performed endoscopically, it requires only small incisions that are virtually undetectable once they are healed. A mid-facelift offers a shorter, milder recovery than a full facelift, offering a middle-ground treatment option for patients with more advanced signs of aging in the middle portion of the face than other areas.

In addition, some patients choose to incorporate other procedures into their mid-facelift surgery, such as blepharoplasty with facial fat transposition. For patients with signs of aging throughout the face, a mid-facelift is a key component of a Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift. This procedure offers the most substantial full-face rejuvenation with impeccably natural-looking results.

Am I a good candidate for a Mid-Facelift?

The Most Effective Solution to Signs of Aging in the Mid-Face

Candidates for a mid-facelift are patients who have noticed signs of aging relating to the decline of facial tissues, such as hollowness below the eyes, deepening nasolabial folds, or a drawn, tired appearance. Patients who aren’t quite ready for a full facelift often look to a mid-facelift to treat their immediate concerns and buy time before their goals necessitate a more involved procedure.

Your Mid-Facelift Procedure

Endoscopic Treatment for Enhanced Tissue Support

A mid-facelift is performed under deep sedation, ensuring that you are asleep throughout the procedure.

To begin your procedure for mid facelift Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Davis will create small incisions around the forehead and hairline to insert an endoscope and access tissues within the target area. Dr. Davis will meticulously shift the SMAS muscle, malar fat pad, and eye muscle to their youthful position, securing them closer to the temples and the outer rims of the eye bone. Depending on your personalized procedure plan, Dr. Davis will perform any other necessary treatments before closing your incisions.

Your Mid-Facelift Recovery

Short Recovery. Lasting Rejuvenation.

During your recovery, you should expect swelling and bruising that will subside within a couple of weeks. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled for one week after your surgery so that Dr. Davis can assess your progress and remove any external stitches. Most Beverly Hills mid face lift patients are able to return to work after two weeks and strenuous activities after about three weeks.

Your Mid-Facelift Results

Restored Naturally Youthful Facial Contours

As soon as your swelling subsides, you notice an improvement in your facial contours and wrinkles. However, your results will continue to develop for two to four months. Your mid-facelift results can last a decade or longer, offering a long-term solution to signs of aging between the eyes and mouth.

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Discover Your Optimal Solution to Facial Aging

If you are interested in achieving long-lasting facial rejuvenation with a mid-facelift in Beverly Hills, schedule your private consultation with Dr. Patrick Davis to discuss your treatment. Patrick Davis, MD, serves patients throughout Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California.

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Most patients' results last between ten and 15 years with no ongoing treatments or maintenance.

There is no set age at which a patient might benefit from a mid-facelift. Generally, a mid-facelift is an ideal treatment for patients who have noticed a loss of volume in the area below the eyes and an appearance of sagging or heaviness beneath the cheeks.

Your incisions will be hidden within your hairline, so you will have no visible scarring once they are healed. There will also be two small incisions in the mouth that heal in two to three days with absorbable stitches.

The exact length of your procedure depends on the details of your treatment. In most cases, a mid-facelift takes under two hours to perform.

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Every moment is an opportunity to grow, learn, and improve. Your new best emerges when you make the most of those opportunities. When it comes to Beverly Hills facial plastic surgery, Dr. Patrick Davis believes listening is better than selling. To him, the best plastic surgeons reveal themselves in the surgeries they prevent as well as the ones they perform. Before you choose to undergo plastic surgery, please reach out to Patrick Davis, MD, for a consultation, he truly wants to help you find your new best.

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