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Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift Beverly Hills, CA

The Ultimate in Facial Rejuvenation

Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift in Beverly Hills by Dr. Patrick Davis

Surgical facelift has been the go-to procedure for the most substantial facial rejuvenation for decades, effectively lifting, tightening, and smoothing the skin on the face for a firm, youthful look. In its most basic form, however, a facelift can produce results that appear obvious and unnatural.

However, over time, techniques used for this plastic surgery mainstay have evolved to deliver better results with less downtime. Dr. Patrick Davis offers the state-of-the-art Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift in Beverly Hills, addressing both skin laxity and displaced or depleted underlying tissues throughout the entire face and neck. The result is a youthful and natural-looking appearance with comprehensive rejuvenating benefits.

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What is a Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift?

Complete & Exemplary Facial Rejuvenation

Traditional (or SMAS) facelifts can result in a “done” or unnatural appearance because, while the skin is tightened, the underlying tissues remain largely unaffected. Also, often, the skin is pulled horizontally rather than vertically, producing a “windswept” look. The key to natural-looking rejuvenation is restoring facial tissues to their younger positions.

Dr. Davis performs a deep-plane face lifting technique for his facelifts to naturally redistribute lax skin and tissue. Although more technically demanding, this technique lends itself to authentic, lasting results. Throughout his surgical training and research career, Dr. Davis curated the techniques that he feels most effectively and naturally rejuvenate the lower face, mid-face, and neck.

This became The Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift, a combination of surgeries that offer a comprehensive solution to the signs of aging throughout the face in a single procedure. The Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift is based on the idea that the face ages on a vertical plane downward, and thus most clearly needs to be restored upward -- not horizontally.

The Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift lifts the neck, lower face, and mid-face upward in each of their ideal angles or “vectors” while at the same time having each facial element lifted in the deep facial plane thereby lifting not only skin, but the structural elements of the face. Procedures include Deep-Plane Face Lift (i.e. rhytidectomy), Mid-Facelift, Neck Lift, and Chin Augmentation. Often facial resurfacing procedures such as Laser or RF Microneedling can be added at the time of surgery.

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What are the benefits of a Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift?

Better Treatment. Better Results.

The Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift offers a broad range of benefits, depending on the details of your treatment. Benefits of this all-encompassing rejuvenating facial procedure are:

  • Natural-looking results
  • Lifted, rejuvenated eyes
  • Removal of lax excess skin
  • More defined chin and jawline
  • Restore youthful volume to cheeks
  • Reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds
  • Reduced lines and wrinkles in face and neck
  • Minimal recovery compared to separate procedures

Am I a good candidate for a Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift?

Deep Rejuvenation for Moderate to Advanced Signs of Aging

If you have moderate to severe signs of aging in your face and neck, a Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift may be an excellent choice for you . You should be healthy overall and have no underlying medical conditions that may affect your body’s ability to heal. If you smoke, you will need to quit several weeks before your surgery and wait to resume smoking until after you have healed. You should also be prepared to take the necessary amount of time off from work and other activities to allow your body ample time to recover.

Your Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift Procedure

Customized Treatment for Comprehensive Results

Your Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift with Dr. Davis will be performed under twilight sedation to ensure that you are completely comfortable during your surgery and also minimize risks and recovery.

The details of your personalized surgery will depend on which individual procedures you choose to include in your treatment plan. To begin your procedure for Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Davis will discretely place incisions along the hairline and behind the ears, where they will be virtually undetectable once healed. Through these small incisions, Dr. Davis will release ligaments and lift underlying tissues to their youthful positions to restore your youthful facial contours. Lastly, he will remove excess skin to eliminate lines and sagging before closing your incisions. Procedures that can be in your Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift are:

  • Dermal fillers
  • Blepharoplasty
  • RF microneedling
  • Chin enhancement
  • Facial fat transposition
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

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Once he has performed all procedures included in your treatment plan, Dr. Davis will close all of your incisions and apply any necessary dressings and drains. While you will not receive general anesthesia for your surgery, you will be heavily sedated, so it is important for you to arrange for someone close to you to drive you home and care for you after your procedure.

Your Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift Recovery

More Extensive Results With Less Downtime

You should prepare for two to three weeks of social downtime after your Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift. You should also expect significant bruising and swelling. You will need to sleep in an inclined position for some time to minimize swelling. Dr. Davis will also prescribe you pain medication to alleviate discomfort during your recovery. While most of your swelling and bruising will subside within a couple of weeks, it will take more time for the affected tissues in your face to heal and settle. However, any changes that take place after your initial recovery period will be subtle and unnoticeable to anyone other than you. Your results will have completely stabilized by the one-year mark.

Your Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift Results

Restore Your Natural Youthfulness

A Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift delivers the most natural and longest-lasting results of all facial rejuvenation procedures. You can look forward to an appearance that is years or even decades younger in some cases. Most Beverly Hills Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift patients remain pleased with their youthfully restored appearance for ten years or more before a touch-up procedure may be desired. You can also maximize the longevity of your results with at-home skincare and in-office non-surgical procedures.

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Impeccably Natural, Long-lasting Results

If you are interested in discussing and designing your personalized Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift in Beverly Hills with Dr. Davis, please contact us to schedule your consultation. Patrick Davis, MD, offers this state-of-the-art facelift procedure to achieve stunning results that you will love for years into the future.

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Unlike a SMAS facelift, which involves separating the skin from the underlying tissues, a Deep Plane Facelift adjusts the underlying tissues while leaving the skin attached. This minimizes tissue trauma, reducing post-surgical pain and recovery time.

Yes. Not only are the results longer-lasting, but they simply look better. Overall, a Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift offers the best possible results.

The Tri-Vector Deep Plane Facelift is considered the ultimate facial rejuvenation procedure, producing comprehensive, subtle results that can take years to decades off of your appearance.

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Every moment is an opportunity to grow, learn, and improve. Your new best emerges when you make the most of those opportunities. When it comes to Beverly Hills facial plastic surgery, Dr. Patrick Davis believes listening is better than selling. To him, the best plastic surgeons reveal themselves in the surgeries they prevent as well as the ones they perform. Before you choose to undergo plastic surgery, please reach out to Patrick Davis, MD, for a consultation, he truly wants to help you find your new best.

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